Olivella - my love, my life!

When telling Sitges people that you live in Olivella, you mostly hear back: "Oli...what? Where is that??????
Oh guys, you don't know what you miss, knowing only the crowded beach side and not having seen the beautiful nature behind your doorstep.
Olivella is a village about 10 to 20 minutes from Sitges; 30-40 from the airport and 40-50 from Barcelona center. Located in the "Garraf" nature park amongst pine trees and vineyards. Olivella has a beautiful, picturesque little old village on the top of a hill, where you can find the church, the old town hall, a few houses and as well the more and more becoming famous food truck "Sendero" .  
During the weekend many people go hiking or biking and use the foodtruck as start or finish point or just stop by when needing a break during their tour.
Spreading out through the hills of Olivella we find different urbanizations:
MAS MESTRE: The closest to Sant Pere de Ribes and Sitges. Therefore it's the most famous part and I even had requests for houses searching in --Mas Mestre but please not Olivella-- ;) Mas Mestre IS Olivella, I swear! Ha, ha. Anyhow, obviously the closest part to the coast. The one with the public swimming pool and the fab restaurant/hotel called "Sumidors" led by lovely English people ... hmmmm delicious, homemade Sunday roast I can tell you.
LAS COLINAS: The one in the middle, with great houses and nice views. Archery field and lovely kids playgrounds can be found there.
MAS MILA: Is a kind of center for the village. There is the school (great public school teaching the new methods of learning(more info about the method itself: https://www.escolanova21.cat/escola-nova-21-en/) , project based, teamwork, learning by doing, green school, Montessori touched) called "El Morsell" for kids from 3 to 16. Next door to the pharmacy, nursery, hairdressers, little farm markets, a bigger supermarket, the post office and doctor, also some bars, cafe´s, a vet and a photography shop can be found there.
CAN SURIA: The highest urbanization and closest to the vineyards and Vilafranca del Penedes, where I do live myself (Marion) happily for more than 13 years. In Can Suria we meet regularly for a drink on the with leaves covered terrace of the restaurant "Debaros" (edited 26.08.23, the restaurant is closed now, new owners hopefully to come soon) or we go for a walk or a bike ride starting at the water towers up the hill where you have beautiful views over the Penedes wine area and the Montserrat mountains.
Another great, local and very famous restaurant is Les Piques. Go there for Calçots or a steak on a hot stone or just for a drink with some tapas. You will love it!
PLANA NOVELLA: high up in the hills. It's so calm and peaceful there, that even the Buddha's decided to live there. Courses for meditation can be found here: Buddhist Monastery .
Plana Novella is the closest to Castelldefels which can be reached in about 15 minutes by car crossing the hills. This area offers as well great biking and hiking tours and a great stop for good food and drinks at "El Parador" restaurant.
Also not to forget the wild horses and donkeys we have in the Garraf park. Occasionally when we hike or bike through the hills we see wild horses or donkeys (be careful, the donkeys love to join you during your walk ;) ) Fundació Miranda takes good care of them.
You see, loads of variety and a good and healthy life we live in Olivella.
Why would you want to live up there in the Sitges hills?
* great houses with gardens, views and pools still for affordable prices. Here some examples: https://www.happyexpat.es/for-sale/relevant/
* tranquillity & nature around you with a healthy micro climate, no pollution
* in just 20 minutes you are everywhere: Sitges, Vilanova, Airport, Vilafranca, beaches, mountains......
* the educationally advanced school
* sport in nature all year around just on your doorstep
* going out in Sitges? Sure, it's around the corner, but please let me have a rest the next day in my garden :)
* another pandemic lockdown? Honestly, being confined in Olivella was not too bad!
* we are a great Expat community in Olivella with about 35% foreigners. (edited 26.08.2023 I am sure we are already more than 40% at the moment.... Olivella is super attractive to foreigners) 
More info around my chosen home can be found here


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