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The beautiful unknown Garraf area. Nature, Wine, Peace and more.

Most people only know Barcelona or the north coast "Costa Brava". Which are, with no doubt, also great places to be. But a bit more to the south of Barcelona, passing the airport you enter into the beautiful Garraf area. Sitges is the most famose place, with a beautiful beach and a lively center. But driving a bit inwards you'll enter into the so called "Sitges Hills", passing Sant Pere de Ribes, Olivella until the adjoining Penedes region with the most famose Cava (Spakling wine) area of Spain.

Presenting Garraf

Few kilometres away from Barcelona, Garraf is a territory of unique Mediterranean beauty. A place of dry appearance paradoxically marked by water: with a sea that draws a tortuous coastline and an inland landscape that swallows the rain with an unusual thirst. Sea and rocks, vineyards and castles, party and traditions, nature, flavours, and many other things.

Living in the Garraf area

feels like being on holiday every day. My husband works in Barcelona in an office, for sure the same work feeling as in any other city. BUT! He tells me every day, how releaving and fulfilling it is, to come home after a busy day at work. Passing the Garraf Coast and entering into nature, driving home to his family in Olivella feels like going on holidays every time.

Let me introduce you to our secret destination each time a bit more here in my blog.

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