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Kitesurfing around Barcelona / Sardinia - ups, I did it myself!

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

You remmber my first blog about me being the “Schnitzel/Croquette” on the beach, waiting for my husband to finish his windy session?

Ups, I did it myself……

We went with our campervan by ferry from Barcelona to Sardinia and went directly to the summercamp of Mojokite. Settled down at the local camping directly next to the beach in the east of Sardinia.

The day after we had a “Spritz” cocktail while enjoying the beautiful sunset and Mo, Marley and Fran from Mojokite explained me the joy of kiting and that I shouldn’t be afraid nor doubting about the fun Martijn (my hubbie) is having during his rides. My 7-year-old daughter was directly caught by their stories and we booked a mommy-daughter course for t

he next day. That was quite a step forward for me being a “landlubber” my whole live or better said, hating wind and waves….

The day after we were firstly explained the theory.

After, we were picked up by a boat to do “body dragging” in the ocean. Believe it or not, I loved it!!! And I wanted more. So did Amelie, my venturous daughter.

The next day we had our second lesson and we did an advanced body dragging from the beach and proud Daddy was passing us with his enormous kite and a big smile on his face.

The day after I'll go on the board - Fran said!!!!

Honestly: my big aim was *one photo with me standing ON the board and the kite IN my hands*….. not too big that aim :)

Day 3, hardly wind, no professionals on the water as the wind was more a breeze than anything else.

But I was told, not to worry, so I didn't.

And what shall I say, I DID ITTTTT and I've got the photo!!!! Even a video.............Mission accomplished. I think my wake- and snowboard experience might have helped me a bit ;)

My conclusion: After understanding the theory of wind, kite, bars and all that, I must admit, I didn’t find it as scary anymore as I did when the huge 14m2 kite of Martijn hit me on my head 4 years ago whilst I tried to get it on the ground for him. Amelie was the youngest kite student of Mojokite ever and she wanted to continue with the course right the next day. We will definitely continue the kite course once back in Barcelona / Castelldefels with the awesome team from Mojokite.

Happy husband, happy family! It was great fun! To be continued......

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