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Catalan wine meets American chef

Updated: Jul 17

Viladellops!!! Around the corner of Vilanova and Sant Pere de Ribes, but so different.

The most beautiful, picturesque village I've ever seen and now definitely THE PLACE TO BE for having a fantastic get together with an authentic glass of wine, live music and delicious food.

Let´s first go back in time. The current winery dates back to 1877. The Desvalls family, the owner of Viladellops, maintained traditional bulk production until 1980. After a break of a few years they decided to make a change and take a chance on modern and organic wine production. Their products are 100% Mediterranean, based on the area’s indigenous varieties: Xarel·lo and Garnatxa.

Now just recently, the gorgeous couple Marcello and his wife Maria Jose run the family business and they just converted it into a fantastic new gastronomic concept of offering their great wines with local and organic dishes in their little restaurant in the middle of the village which is open on weekends. Within a short period this turned out to be a big success .... and well deserved.

Their wine corks say it all:

And now, just recently, they added fantastic and high quality modern cuisine served out of a foodtruck you can enjoy with a glass of wine and live music in the background.

I love it and I know I am not alone.

How do I actually know about it all?

Happy Expat was contacted by Maria Jose in the past for renting out their "masías". And this is how I fell in love with this village and its people. And of course the wine! I was a big fan from the beginning of Maria Jose's vision of event plans for Viladellops but keeping the charm and the history present.

Let me tell you more about the foodtruck. Which is not just an ordinary one, nooo! Like everything in Viladellops, it is very special:

Adam and Sarah Krieger, the American chef & sommelier duo who own TERRANE food truck, moved to Sant Pere de Ribes last year from Brussels, Belgium, with the plan to start a catering business in the sun, after living in rainy Belgium for 5 years.

With Covid-19 restrictions limiting food service indoors, they decided to buy a food truck for flexibility to serve food outdoors. You can imagine that registering a foodtruck in Spain is another "pain i... t.... a....", but however, they received encouragement and support from local food truckers like Sendero in Olivella, and this fueled their determination to make it happen. They named their business TERRANE, because the menu is inspired from their travels across the Mediterranean and also because they feature locally-sourced ingredients and wine from the Garraf terrain.

Now, the TERRANE food truck offers gourmet tapas & wine at Finca Viladellops every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 18:30h to 22:30h, with live music and spectacular sunset views over the vineyard.

I know where I'll meet my friends next weekend ;)

More info about "Finca Viladellops" can be found here

Edit 17.07.2022: Sarah and Adam unfortunately left the country and continues their journey in Portugal. But there is replacement and this summer the foodtruck/livemusic/wine weekends continue!

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